Communication and Concepts for Culture

Novokolorit is an office for culture communication — interdisciplinary and intercultural.

Novokolorit communicates culture across borders, connecting science and practice, cultural history and new technologies, German, English and Portuguese speaking countries.



Tradition plus Innovation

New combinations are the specialty of Novokolorit. We feel at home in tradition-conscious art history as well as in the environs of innovative pioneer technologies. As a culture pro with a penchant for tech, Novokolorit scopes past, present, and future simultaneously. Cultural management, which culture communication is a part of, is per se interdisciplinary because of its linking of art, music and theatre with communication, economy, law, and psychology. Novokolorit pays special attention to the diverse interdisciplinary interfaces of culture and digital media. Constantly exploring new ways of communicating culture, innovative connections and channels are being fathomed and set into motion with unconventional ideas and distinct zest for action.


No Limits

Overcoming limitations and transcending boundaries. With an open-minded perspective, Novokolorit sees the absolutely incredible diversity of possible projects around a cultural core, having become accessible in this day and age. Exciting and sense-inspiring journeys of discovery through geographic cultures can be instigated with artistic culture. Hardly anything stands more for the identity of a region than its cultural and creative production, hardly anything connects better and bridges distances when language alone fails to work. Intercultural dialogue can be activated in significant parts by means of culture communication. In this, a connected and cooperative style of work and an openness for the unusual further experiment as well as innovation off the beaten track.


Communication with Finesse

Communicating culture, especially communicating art, requires a certain degree of finesse. An artwork is unique and as such not simply communicable on a broad mass level. It is an art in its own right to not only comprehend the artistic oeuvre, but also to find the compatible audience for it. Novokolorit fully identifies with the maxim quality instead of quantity. In communicating art, noble understatement is always more goal-oriented than aiming at the largest possible public. We develop individual solutions to professionalise the appearance, to sharpen the profile, to communicate cultural and creative production fully state of the art, to intensify communication, and to unlock new audiences.   


Flexible and Transparent

We develop the custom-designed solution concept for your endeavour in personal cooperation and on eye level. Following a non-committal consultation free of charge, we work out the ideal strategy for your communication, made up of individual and freely combinable building blocks. It depends on the goals whether it will be a singular or long-term cooperation. In the course of the project, adjustments are possible at any time. Should unforeseen changes in the project or in the budget occur, we will flexibly adapt the contract volume. The pricing scheme is fair and tailored to the sector, not least because of discounts for non-profits, freelancers, and founders. A precise documentation of the time worked and continuous consulting with you as the client ensure full cost transparency.